Grow your reach with our audiences

We are offering a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to reserve advertisement spaces on our programs, front page, and event pages. We have hundreds of people attend our concerts, view our online content and interact with many different artistic businesses from all over. Reserve a spot today!

Program Ad

Business Card Size
$ 25 per concert
  • • Perfect for quickly getting the word out there
  • • Low cost
  • • Concise and to the point
1/4 Page
$ 40 per concert
  • • Larger than the business card
  • • Perfect for a 1:1 (square) design
  • • Fits perfectly anywhere on the page
1/2 Page
$ 70 per concert
  • • Flexible sizing (portrait or landscape)
  • • Large space for feature content
  • • Fits in perfectly with program text
Full Page
$ 100 per concert
  • • Entire page dedicated to your feature content
  • • Lots of space
  • • Draw attention quickly

Website Ad

Front page Ad
$ 10 per month
  • • Not constrained to only pre-concert periods
  • • Easy to set up and change

Event Page Ad

Online Event Ad
$ 120 per concert
  • • Guaranteed to appear in front of all audience members
  • • Perpetual advertising from 1 month before the concert, and forever afterward
  • • Text, images, and video are supported



Usually, we have multiple performances of a single concert. Rest assured, your advertisement will be displayed for all performances for a given concert.

For the time being, unfortunately no. However, we plan on making this an option in the future.

We certainly can, but only after contacting us directly for a consultation to negotiate an appropriate price. We prefer that you provide the design to us, to speed up the process.

We will provide to you upon request an after-concert report of attendance and other marketing statistics, such as social media reach, YouTube views, etc.

Contact Us

Need additional accommodation for your advertisement? No problem. Contact us directly so we can answer your questions or get things squared away.