Join Vocal Affinity and Orchestra in their concert, Light of the World as they explore the journey of darkness to light in connection with the monumental moment of the Savior’s birth. The concert will feature holiday-inspired selections from composers such as Dan Forrest, G.F. Handel, Kyle Pederson, and others.

Concert will be held at the First Baptist Church of Salt Lake City on December 17th at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased below.

Vocal Affinity will also be featured at the “Christmas on Temple Square 2022” music series on December 18th at the Conference Center Lobby (5:30pm) and the Assembly Hall (7pm).

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It is the time of year when the pressures of the world can build up and cast a cloud of darkness over our lives. It is in these moments that reflecting on the message of the season, that of the birth of our savior, can bring light into our world.

The Light of the World, the message of hope, the joy of finding everlasting peace is a message we share with you this holiday season.

Our Mission

Vocal Affinity brings advanced contemporary repertoire to the stage together with the Gregorian Chant and Renaissance music of the past. Its mission is to touch the hearts and souls of audiences and performers through the artistic, nuanced blending of poetic text and beautiful harmonies. Performing under the baton of Conductor David Torres, this elite vocal ensemble, based in Rexburg Idaho, melds the voices of accomplished auditioned singers from around the nation.

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Our Music

Every song we sing, every one of our efforts is because of the one. The one unknown person, in any moment, who desperately yearns for relief, discovery, comfort,  reawakening, or peace.